Rang De Movie Review : A Perfect Movie To Watch In Theatres With Your Family

Rang De Movie Review : Rang De Movie is an Romantic Comedy entertainer movie released in theatres on 26th March, 2021 directed by Venky Atluri. In the lead roles, Nithin and Keerthy Suresh are seen. This is the first time they have collaborated together for a movie. Ever since the trailer of the movie has been released, the movie has got the attention of the audience.

This is the story about a boy and a girl who grow up together as neighbors and as they grow up they fall in love with each other. But there is a lot of humor included in this movie, that is where Venky Atluri’s special is included.

Rang De Movie Review

Arjun the role played by Nithin is nursed by his parents since his childhood. The parents roles are played by Naresh and Kausalya until then Anupama role played by Keerthy suresh arrives in the neighborhood along with her mother played by Rohini. Right from the childhood itself, They grow up together and Arjun had to bear the trouble of Anu’s actions to hilarious effect.

This is a love hate love story and there are quite some differences between the lead actors. How will Arjun and Anupama end up together? In midst of all these differences, How will they both end up together? That is the real plot of the movie.

Rang De Movie Review : Nithin & Keerthy suresh look
Rang De Nithiin & Keerthy

Before this movie Nithin’s movie was Check which failed to work at the box office and got mixed response from the audience. But Nithin is back with a bang with this movie, Even Keerthy Suresh had a dull run in 2020. But this movie, Now Both the actors have got a huge break. The movie is an absolute treat for the Nithin and Keerthy fans and even the critics and audience are giving wonderful response to the movie. The Plus point of this movie is Music, Composed by Devi Sri Prasad.

Now lets talk about the performances

Nithin looks wonderful in the Rang De Movie. His dialogue delivery, His punch dialogues and his problems with Anupama have been shown wonderfully. Nithin is proving to the audience that he can do at any type of roles quite easily, Nithin is wonderful in emotional scenes, and in funny scenes as well. Especially the scenes between Nithin and Keerthy are wonderfully directed and superb.

Keerthy Sureh has done wonderful job in the Rang De movie, and she is a treat to watch in every scene of the movie. The supporting cast of the movie looks excellent, Naresh, Rohini, Suhas, Abhinav and Vennela Kishore gave their best shot and they gave wonderful performances in the movie as well.

As mentioned above, The Movie’s plus point is Music and BGM composed by Devi Sri Prasad. The Music is quite good and apt for the movie. The Cinematography work is quite excellent, just like the title suggests Rang De, The Movie is colorful and it is set as per the mood of the movie as well. When the movie is on a lighter note the colors are dull, When the movie is on hilarious mode the colors are more vibrant.

Technical Aspects Of the Movie

First let’s talk about the music, The songs and BGM are composed by Devi Sri Prasad. The Music is quite decent but the BGM suits the situation and it is wonderfully composed. This is yet another wonderful leaf added to the work of DSP. The Choreography is done by Sekhar Master which is quite super and we know Nitin is an talented dancer as well.

Dialogues are quite hilarious and neat. The writer has done wonderful work by writing wonderful dialogues as per the situation. When there is a funny scene, He made it hilarious and when there is a serious scene, Dialogues with good emotions are written wonderfully.

Editing is quite good and there is no boring moment in the movie.

Rang De Movie Digital Rights and Satellite Rights

The Movie’s digital rights and satellite rights have been brought by Zee Networks for a whopping price, Soon the movie will release on the OTT Platform as well. May be after three to four weeks.

Movie Rating

Even though the story is quite similar to the director’s previous movie. But as there is bit of maturity and excellent writing as well. Based on the performance of the lead actors and supporting actors as well, Our Rating is around 3.75/5 because of the hilarious aspects in the first half and wonderful emotions shown in the second half.

Plus Points In the Movie

As mentioned above, The main plus point of the movie is the director of the movie Venky Atluri. He has managed everything wonderfully in the movie. Apart from that credit goes to the director again for writing such an emotional and strong roles for both the actors Keerthy Suresh and Nitin. This is a movie which can be watched with family.

Now coming back to the actors, Keerthy Suresh who had an mixed type of movies like Penguin and Miss India. But in this movie, Keerthy Suresh nailed the performance of an one-sided lover and when it comes to strong emotions she performed wonderfully in those scenes. Everybody questioned that the chemistry would be missing between the actors. But both the actors proved everybody wrong and the chemistry is excellent between the actors

The lead actor Nitin, This is his second release of the year. Even though likes to experiment with different types of roles all the time. But when it comes to romantic comedy movies, Everybody can see the best out of Nitin. He looks handsome in the movie and as the first half of the movie is filled with hilarious moments. Nitin just nailed the performance in the movie.

The another important part of the movie is emotions are shown wonderfully and with full maturity. They are quite simple, The supporting roles by played by Vennela Kishore is the show stealer again. He is very good with the comedy, and his timing in the movie. Naresh, Rohini, Vineeth and other people have played their roles perfectly.

The Other important aspect is Cinematography which is handled by PC Sreeram. He has done fantastic job in showing different colors as per the mood of the scene. For that you need to observe each scene clearly and even more carefully.

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Minus Points In the Movie

If you observe it closely, The Movie is quite routine. Venky Atluri’s all previous movies are just like this. Just there are some changes here and there, But with this movie there is a bit of maturity and excellent writing included that is why the movie has attracted the audience. Otherwise the movie would have been a normal one.

The lead actor Nitin’s character could have been much better. Even the feelings in the first half aren’t properly shown. As you might have seen in the trailer that Keerthy Suresh loves Nitin, These feelings aren’t properly shown. Writing is good, But if they could have added a bit more depth into the writing. The Movie would have been even more wonderful.

Director Output

As you all know that the movie is directed by Venky Atluri, Yet again the director has proved that why he is the captain of any movie. Venky Atluri has done wonderful work with this movie, Right from the funny scenes to emotional scenes the director has left his own mark in the movie. If we have to put it correctly the director has matured more in establishing the movie in correct aspects and choosing the cast of the movie as per the story design. The director didn’t overdo anything, He managed everything equally right from the comedy, romance, and drama scenes

Final Words

Even though the movie is quite hilarious and funny all the way. But some scenes in the Rang De movie felt a bit dragged and unnecessary. This makes the movie a bit predictable and the climax of the movie felt really rushed, Like the director wanted to finish off the movie as soon as possible.

But the movie is still worth to watch in theatres, All the actors have done excellent performance, Especially Nithin and Keerthy Suresh have carried the movie on their shoulders and made the movie watchable. You can go and watch the movie this weekend in theatres with your family and have a fun ride.

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