Aranya Movie Review : Rana’s Career Best Performance

Rana Dagubati’s Aranya is a wonderful movie to watch in theatres. The Show Stealer Of the movie is definitely Rana and choosing this type of movie is quite a brave move from him. The movie comes with up an excellent social message for all the people.

Aranya is a movie multi-lingual movie directed by Prabhu Solomon, The movie has released in theatres recently and it got wonderful critical acclamation from the critics and audience. Even though the movie has clashed with Rang De Movie in Telugu, But the unique concept of the movie has got the attention of the audience.

Director Prabhu Solomon is known for making these type of movies, and his passion for the nature and its protection is definitely seen in the movie.

Aranya Movie Cast and Crew

  • Movie Name: Aranya
  • Release Date: 26th Of March 2021.
  • Lead Actors in the Movie: Rana Daggubati, Vishnu Vishal, Shriya Pilgaonkar, and Zoya Hussain.
  • Director of the Movie: Prabhu Solomon
  • Producer Of the Movie: Eros Motion Pictures
  • Cinematography: A.R.Ashok Kumar
  • Editor of the Movie: Buvan.

Plot Of the Movie

Aranya Movie Review : Rana's look
Aranya Movie Review : Rana’s look

The Movie begins with the introduction of the characters, We see Rana Daggubati as Narendra Bhupathi Aka Bandev in the movie. He is from Chilakalakona forest and he is a nature lover as well. He lives amongst the elephants and animals and shares a great bond with them. Bandev believes that forest is important and very crucial to the existence of wildlife.

But things take turn when a corrupt forest officer plans to construct a township right in the forest itself. Narendra Bhupathi, who learns about this plan starts observing the plan of this constructing the township.

Then one fine day, They build a 60KM Wall to prevent elephants from entering the project site which is their regular walk path to drink the water from the lake. The elephants start struggling to live, and then Narendra Bhupathi fights for the sake of nature and elephants livelihood.

The rest of the plot is described how Narendra Bhupathi will save the elephants and the forest from the corrupt leader.

Plus Points

The first plus point of the movie is Rana itself, He just lived in the character of Narendra Bhupathi, This role will be remembered as one of the best performances of Rana Daggbuati forever. His dialogue delivery, His action scenes and the bond he shared with the elephants felt so natural.

As mentioned above, This is Rana’s bravest move of choosing this type of movie because these type of movies are quite rare in the industry. The direction of Prabhu Solomon is the next thing to talk about. His movies have always dealt with the nature and their protection. But this comes more with a lot of social messages on saving trees and animals. Even the supporting cast looks quite excellent as well, Vishnu Vishal has done justice to his role as well.

The next big thing about the movie is cinematography which is done by A.R. Ashok Kumar, The scenes in the forest are wonderfully shot and even the audience feel connected with the nature. The next good thing in the movie is Sound Design, The Sounds of the forest and nature are captured wonderfully and rendered wonderful with the movie.

Minus Points

Even though the movie is quite good and leaves a very deep social message to the audience, But there are some scenes which felt they are quite unnecessary and even the narration of the story felt flat in few scenes. Some scenes in the movie are quite illogical, The film’s climax could have been much better because the climax is the integral part of the movie, Somehow the audience didn’t feel that the climax is not so convincing.

Technical Aspects

The director Of the movie Prabhu Solomon is known for this types of movies. His previous ventures kumki and kayal are about the nature itself. The director is the main aspect of the movie and he did a tremendous work in getting a wonderful story in front of the public.

It is important that every being has a right to stay on this planet and we are no one to conquer that. Because of the slow narratives and lack of the crew. The director has become an helpless man in carrying forward this wonderful movie. The characterization of Vishnu Vishal and Zoya could have been better. Their narratives are very dull and it feels it is quite necessary for the movie at that time.

The best part of the movie is sound design and cinematography. Excellent work in capturing the sounds and visuals of the forest and the nature. They are very realistic and it literally feels like we are in the movie itself. Graphics are a bit dull in the movie, Especially while creating the elephants in the graphical way. They should have the animals even more about than the before.

The Movie’s Digital Rights will probably be brought by Eros International as well, Soon the movie will release in the platform. May be after three weeks after the movie is released in theatres. The Satellite Rights of this movie are bagged by Zee Networks. Soon the movie will be telecasted on the television.

Rating Of the Movie

Our rating for the movie is 3/5. Because of the excellent movie and the story which has been brought by the director Prabhu Solomon. The cinematography and the sound designs are top notch. Because of the lack of execution in taking the movie wonderfully we give the rating as 3/5 and kudos the actor Rana Daggubati for choosing an wonderful movie.

We are quite sure that when you watch this movie you will have an sense of satisfaction and understand that we are mere parts of this nature. Just don’t keep your expectations high from this movie, Just go and watch the movie and enjoy the beauty of it.

Final Words

Aranya is a good movie with a wonderful message for preserving the nature, animals and the forest. Rana’s choice of the script is quite excellent and it will be remembered as one of the best movies of Rana. The Movie is worth watching in theatres with your family this weekend.

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