Karthika Deepam Telugu Serial Review 2021

Karthika Deepam Telugu Serial Details : Karthika Deepam is an Telugu TV series that telecasts on Star Maa Channel at 7:30PM from Monday to Saturday. This serial is the remake of Malayalam Television Series Karuthamuthu which airs on Asianet. The serial aired its first episode on 16th October 2017.

Karthika Deepam Telugu Serial Story And Review 2021

The Story is all about a doctor named Karthik who falls in love with a dark skinned Deepa. This show tells us that love doesn’t happen with the outer personality but it happens with the character, Kindness and generosity. But karthik’s mother Soundarya don’t approve their marriage at all. But slowly, She starts liking Deepa and every thing turns good.

But in every good serial, There is also a villain as well. In this serial the villain is Monitha, Who loves Karthik but fails to express it. She tries so many ways to get Karthik back, But every time she fails to do so. She tries to separate Karthik and Deepa.

In midst of all these Deepa and Karthik decides to go to honeymoon, In that trip Deepa meets a poet named Vihari. Even though Karthik gets a bit doubt on her, But he doesn’t say it out. On the other side Deepa treats Vihari like a brother. Then Monitha finds a way to separate Karthik and Deepa permanently. Just before coming to the honeymoon, Karthik goes to a doctor to check whether he can father children or not. Even though the reports are positive, But Monitha changes the reports to negative.

Soon after coming from the honeymoon, Deepa becomes pregnant. But as the reports are negative, Karthik starts getting doubt on her. Then Monitha grabs this opportunity and starts spreading rumors that Vihari is the culprit behind all this. Then Karthik says to his family that Deepa has betrayed him with another man.

Deepa is shocked and shattered and leaves the house because her husband has blamed her. Now how will karthik and Deepa get back together. Will Monitha get what she has always desired for? That is what the story is all about.

Karthika Deepam Cast Details

  • Premi Vishwanth as Deepa, Or Popualrly known as Vantalakka.
  • Nirupam paritala is Dr. karthik Or Popualrly known as Doctor baabu.
  • Shoba Shetty as Dr. Monitha
  • Sangeetha Kamath and Niharaika as Sravya(Deepa’s younger sister)
  • Archana Ananth as Soundarya(Karthik’s Mother)
  • Gadiraju Arun Kumar as Anand Rao(Karthik’s Father)
  • Yashwanth as Aditya(Karthik’s Brother)
  • Sahruda as Hima(Deepa’s Younger Daughter)
  • Kritika as Sourya(Deepa’s Elder Daughter)

Karthika Deepam Genuine Review

Karthika Deepam Heroine : premi vishwanath
Karthika Deepam Heroine : premi vishwanath

Ever Since the popularity of vantalakka has begun, the popularity of the show has risen up wonderfully. Right now people forgot their real names as well, People call them Vantalakka and Doctor baabu outside as well. The TRP Ratings provided by BARC from the past few months show that the Karthika Deepam is on the top of the list.

As the serial comes at 7:30PM, Many people are almost free and they leave all the work and settle down in front of their TV’s to watch their favorite serial. Recently the serial has crossed 900 episodes, Soon it will touch 1000 episodes as well. But one thing is for sure, When the serial’s happy ending is shown. Many people will miss this show, Because the emotional bond shared with the character has become immense.

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