Top Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week 2021

Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week : TV Serials have become an important part of the household now. Whenever the favorite serial comes, People stick on the TV by leaving their work. All the top serials choose wonderful timings to gain the audience attraction. The best part of the serials is people share an unconditional bond with the characters.

There are many channels like Gemini TV, Star MAA TV, Zee Telugu, and ETV. All these channels telecast some wonderful serials. The main motto of this serials is to get the viewership from the audience. It increases the TRP Rating, The Serial’s span is determined by the TRP Rating. That is why the writers and directors try their best to keep the audience hooked to the television and the promos are wonderful. It brings the excitement and anxiety as well what will happen in the next episode.

Best Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week March 2021 You Should Know

Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week : Karthika deepam

So today we are going to discuss about the Top Telugu TV serials which got the best TRP Ratings for their show. Here is the list of TOP Telugu TV serials and their TRP Ratings.

Serial NameTelecasting ChannelBARC Rating
Karthika DeepamStar Maa13.5K
Intinti GruhalakshmiStar Maa10.8K
DevathaStar Maa8.8K
Guppendantha ManasuStar Maa7.5K
Prema Entha MadhuramZee Telugu6K
Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week

Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week Serials Analysis 2021

On the top as usual, Karthika Deepam is ruling the TV shows in the list. Doctor Babu and Deepa are holding the audience attention from many weeks. The Serial telecasts on the Star Maa Channel and the TRP Rating is approximately 13.5K.

Next Intinti Gruhalakhsmi, The serial is all about the common things faced by an housewife. The serial has got quite an attention from the audience and the serial telecasts on Star MAA channel with the TRP rating of approximately 10.8K

Just after that serial, Devatha serial has got the best ratings again. The Serial is all about a triangle love story in which two sisters love the same guy. The Serial telecasts on Star MAA Channel with the TRP Rating of approximately 8.8K

Guppedantha Manasu is a new serial which is telecasting on Star MAA Channel, The serial’s story is quite good. It is slowly dwelling into the content now, The TRP Rating for this show is 7.5K

Last but not least Prema Entha Madhuram is a serial which depicts the story about a couple. The serial is all about love and it doesn’t see age difference. The story is about a business tycoon Arya vardhan who falls in love with a girl who is way younger than him. Will the society accept their love. That what is the serial is all about. The Serial telecasts on Zee Telugu and the TRP Rating is 6.K

These are the ratings provided by BARC weekly, Each Serial is quite different from others and they provide some wonderful entertainment to the audience. So now got idea about Telugu Serials Trp Ratings This Week.

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