Wild Dog Movie Review Its Thriller movie One Time Watchable

Wild Dog Movie
Wild Dog Movie

Wild Dog Movie Review: Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog is an excellent thriller to watch in theatres. The action scenes are wonderfully designed and choreographed, A Perfect thriller to watch this weekend.

Wild Dog Movie complete details:

Wild Dog is an action/thriller movie which has released in theaters today, The movie is based on the true incidents which happened in Pune and Hyderabad. A bomb blast in Hyderabad shakes the roots of the government, Then to stop the terrorist from further more damage. A special force NIA, lead by Vijay Varma role played by Nagarjuna and his team start investigating the case.

The hunt between the NIA Team and the mastermind behind the bomb blasts in the major cities is what the movie is all about? Will NIA Team catch the terrorist? What are the consequences they have to face in this chase? How do they plan their each and every step? That is what the remaining plot is all about.

The Movie is directed by Ashishor Solomon, and he has done a fantastic job of taking the movie to an unique level. It’s not like a typical commercial thriller, The Movie is definitely different from the other thrillers and you have to definitely watch the movie in theatres. The OTT Rights for this movie have been bagged by Netflix, Soon the movie will release on the OTT Platform.

Now coming back to the movie’s review, The performance of King Akkineni Nagarjuna is absolutely wonderful. This guy doesn’t get old at all, His experimentation with new type of scripts and different choice of movies have always attracted the audience. The rogue look and the aggression, ruthlessness of the character is perfectly suitable for the actor.

Nagarjuna has carried the movie entirely on his shoulders, The raw look of Nagarjuna in the movie is absolutely excellent. Vijay varma famously known as Wild Dog is very aggressive and he is known for his excellent tactical and on-field work. He may be the Wild Dog, But when its come to his personal life. He is a very caring person and takes care of his family.

Mostly in the thriller movies, We see heroines get little lesser role than the heroes. But in this movie, Dia Mirza who plays the wife role of Nagarjuna, has got minimal scenes in the movie. As most of the movie is in action-packed thriller, The family angle isn’t shown much in the movie. But the debutant Saiyami Kher who is known for doing strong roles in her movies, Like she has also worked in Special Ops, Where she plays a Spy.

This is her debut movie in Telugu Film Industry and with this movie we are quite sure that she will get more and more chances again. She is introduced in the second half of the movie, and has done excellent action scenes. A lady with a gun in her hand is always danger, and Saiyami Kher absolutely proves why she is dangerous in the movie.

The remaining roles played by Atul Kulkarni, Ali Reza have done justice to their roles in the movie. They fit the role absolutely perfect, and they are just the part of the team. There is nothing more scope about these characters.

But the movie entirely belongs to the captain of the ship Ashishor Solomon, This is debut work of the director in Telugu Movie Industry. He is very different in his approach and the movie is definitely not like the typical commercial movies. Right from the title screens itself, The director wastes no time in showing why this spy thriller is unique from the other movies.

The movie focuses mainly on the extraction of the criminal from a dangerous place. Even though the narrative of the movie has small glitches here and there. In the first half we can see a bit of lag because of the investigation process of the team on finding out who is the culprit behind the bomb blasts.

But the director doesn’t lose his way in his storytelling, It looks like a complete thriller and all the elements of the thriller are included wonderfully in the movie. The suspense, the investigation, the clues and other important details.

The Movie Pickups from the second half, When the team finds out who is behind these bomb blasts. How do they plan to get the criminal? The movie absolutely picks up the pace from here and the audience who love the thriller movies will definitely love it.

The cinematography is top notch, Especially the shots in the forest and uttarkhand areas are beautifully shot. We have to give kudos to the whole team that they have tried a different movie all together. Uniqueness always brings the best out.

Some of them may feel that climax is a bit dull, But as per the movie it is quite okay to have a climax like that. The background music feels suitable to the scenes and it is composed by S.S.Thaman. As mentioned above, if you love watching thriller movies then this movie is for you. The movie follows all the rules of an excellent thriller, The Movie is bit slow in the beginning but picks up pace as the story progresses.

Writing can be better for a movie like this, The editing of the movie is good and the screenplay could have been better. The normal audience may feel that the movie is lagging a bit. But this movie is worth to watch in theatres. Nagarjuna has come up with an yet another wonderful story and we should admire his guts to choose a script like this. He is absolutely good in the action scenes.

Plus Points Of the Movie:

The Run Time Of the Movie is the major plus point of the movie

Nagarjuna, Saiyami kher are excellent in their roles.

Cinematography work is absolutely top notch.

Casting Of the movie as per the roles is quite good as well.

Minus Points Of the Movie:

Writing Could Have Been Better

Thrills are in bits and parts.

Lagging in the movie is not good at all.

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