Upcoming Movies Releasing On Amazon Prime 2021

Upcoming Movies Releasing On Amazon Prime 2021 these are below list.

Amazon Prime Video has been releasing many wonderful movies on its platform. Right from 2020, It has brought rights for many wonderful movies. Even in January, The OTT Platform released Master which turned out to be a blockbuster at the box office. Now Amazon has also brought the rights of blockbuster movie Jathi Rathnalu as well. In February as well, Many wonderful movies have been released.

Upcoming Movies Releasing On Amazon Prime 2021 below is the list.

There are some movies which are available only for USA users.

S NOMovie Name Release Date
1PanduGandiPhotoStudio 2ndMarch,2021(OnlyforUSA)
2VirasastaAyyappaKataksham 4thmarch,2021
3AakasamloAasalaHarivillu 5thMarch,2021
4V1MurderCase 5thMarch,2021
5Akshara 5thMarch,2021
6NenostheJathara 8thMarch,2021
7VittalWadi 8thMarch,2021
8NeevalleNenunna 16thMarch,2021(OnlyforUSA)
9Aaviri 16thMarch,2021(OnlyorUSA)
10A-AdInfinitum 19thMarch,2021
11FCUK-FatherChitti,Umma,Karthik 19thMarch,2021
12Kapatadhaari 20thMarch,2021
13JathiRathanlu ComingSoon
14GoodLuckSakhi ComingSoon
15Saalar ComingSoon
16TuckJagadish ComingSoon
17F3 ComingSoon
18TheFamilyManSeason2 ComingSoon
Upcoming Movies Releasing On Amazon Prime 2021
Upcoming Movies Releasing On Amazon Prime 2021

So these are all the upcoming Telugu Movies releasing on Amazon Prime Video 2021, There are so many other movies which Amazon Prime Video has brought rights like Jathi Rathnalu, Prabhas Saalar, Good Luck Sakhi, Tuck jagadish and others. The Movies will be releasing very soon in theatres, Then Amazon Prime Video will mention the release date of the movie on their OTT Platforms.

2020 has been a wonderful year for amazon because many telugu movies like Penguin, V, Nishabdham and others have released on Prime and got wonderful response from the audience.As you all know there are so many OTT Platforms, But the reason why Amazon prime is always on top because, the prices are quite affordable for common people as well.

The subscription plans are 129Rupees/month, and the annual plan costs 999Rupees/year. By taking subscription plans you will get all the benefits of Amazon E-Commerce Services as well. So Amazon Prime should be definite choice for watching movies and getting exclusive offers.

Even though the movie watching on OTT Platforms have increased rapidly from the last year. But some people are still using Illegal ways for downloading movies from Piracy websites and because of this many producers and distributors are losing their investments. So please support the genuine OTT Platforms which are trying to bring you entertainment at a very friendly budget. Don’t Support Piracy. These are listed of Upcoming Movies Releasing On Amazon Prime 2021.

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