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Top Telugu Web Series On Youtube 2021 : Because of this pandemic, many people have opted for watching web series on the OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix and many others. But unlike all these things Youtube has streamed some wonderful Telugu Web Series on its platform.

Now as the second wave of the Covid-19 has struck again, It is better to stay home and watch some wonderful web series on Youtube. The best thing about the youtube is you can watch the web series absolutely for free. You just have to subscribe to the channel and wait for the video to come.

Best & Top Telugu Web Series On Youtube List 2021

1) Software Developer

Software Developer Web Series is one of the popular web series on Youube. This web series has become quite trending on the platform. It has got many millions of views on its channel and it is loved by Telugu Audience.

Software Developer’s story revolves Shanmukh who is an Software Developer and his three close friends. Shanmukh plays the role of an person who is very kind, shy, and very much focused on his work. He falls in love with Vaishnavi who joins the team recently.

The web series shows the emotions quite perfectly, The situations which come after he proposes her are hilarious as well as emotional. The lead cast of the web series are Shanmukh Jashwanth, Vaishnavi Chaitnaya, Sri Vidya, Sri Priya, Pruthvi Don, Prithvi Jhakaas and Chandu.

2) 30 Weds 21

You must have definitely seen this series on Youtube, It is trending all over the social media these days. The story revolves around the 30 year old professional Prudhvi who gets married to a lazy 21 year old Meghana. How do they cope with each other? Why did Meghana agreed to marry Prudhvi? Recently in the last episode she proposed him directly.

How did she fall in love with him? We will know about that in the last episode of the series. We are quite sure that the last episode will be entertaining and we will see a happy ending as well. The lead cast of the web series are Chaitanya Rao, Ananya, Mahendar, Divya Reddy and many others.

3) Female Flatmate Season 1 and Season 2

Female Flatmate web series is one of a kind web series which is quite popular on Youtube. This web series revolves around Bhargav and Swecha who share a flat together. Bhargav is a writer and Swecha is a software company HR. Slowly they start falling in love with each other.

Even though they don’t confess to each other about their feelings but somehow they indirectly confess their feelings. This web series has become quite popular and the spin off series of this is How I met Paaru is also streaming Youtube. The lead cast of the series are Bhargav writes, Viraajitha and many others.

4) How I met Paaru

How I met Paaru is the Spin off Series of Female Flatmate. This is a romantic comedy series in which we have wonderful emotions with soulful BGM and wonderful story. The Cast of the series are Bhargav Writes, Sai Teja gona, Srikumari, Suman Singasan, Venkatesh Chunduru, and Viraajita. This web series has become quite popular on Youtube just like the female flatmate.

5) Sotari Brothers

Sotari Brothers is a fun to watch web series. If you haven’t watched this web series then this is definitely recommended to you. In this series, You will see the story of two brothers and bachelors who have no clue what is getting on with their lives.

This web series is a complete comedy of errors and you will definitely love it. The Lead cast of the series are Ravi Teja Nannimala, PV Sai and Shobam who is also the director of the series.

6) Geetha Subramanyam

Even though there are many web series on Youtube. But everyone’s favorite is Geetha Subramanyam. This is a rom-com Web series in which Manoj Krishna and Darshini Sekhar have played the lead roles. The story deals with the couple and their problems like ego clashes, and others. The director of this web series is Shiva Sai vardhan. Srinivas and Shiva wrote this web series together.

7) Mudapappu Avakai

Mudapappu Avakai is a very famous web series on Youtube. This web series stars Niharika Konidela in the lead role. The story revolves around the couple who are completely opposite personalities. Before they get married, They want to get to know each other. This web series gave Niharika confidence to become an actress. The director of this web series made the film Suryakantham as well.

8) Pilla Pillagadu

If you want to see an web series which is romantic and is filled with comedy then this is the one for you. This series is a hugely popular. Each episode has gone viral and the songs of this web series are quite popular. This web series, each episode has some millions of views.

Sumanth Prabhas has directed the series. Sai Teja Kalvakota, Kanchan Bamane and Mani Aguerla worked as the lead in this series. This series has 17 episodes divided in two seasons.

9) 703

Till now we have just mentioned about the rom com or romantic web series. Then here is a wonderful thriller web series for you. 703 is a wonderful thriller and the story revolves around the writer who investigate a girl’s death Nakshatra.

His research and investigation lands him in different troubles and he tries hard to escape from the problems and solve the case. This web series has got huge appreciation for its story, writing and excellent thrilling elements.

10) Vaddante Vasthave Prema

Last but not least, Vaddante Vasthave Prema is a web series about love. This web series is completely shot in USA and the web series is written by Sai Sukumar. The lead cast of this series are Venkat Sai, Madhu Yadali, Samyuktha, and Yamuna reddy.

The series is all about two guys who have bad experience with love in the past, fall in love again. Will they overcome the issues and win the love this time. If you want to find that out then you have to watch this series.

Top Telugu Web Series On Youtube 2021 & Details

So these are the top web series on Youtube. Even though there are many other popular web series like Surya, Love Story and others. But we had to choose the best out of the best for you. As Surya web series has been stopped because of the ongoing pandemic.

The crew had to stop the shooting. Once things get back to normal, they will start the shooting. Even the second part of the software developer web series is yet to come. The second part is planned in USA, So it would take some time as well.

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This web series are giving young talent a platform to show case their talent and prove themselves that they have the potential to entertain in the Telugu Film Industry. Many actors now like Viva Harsha, Suhas and others have gone into the movies with these kind of platforms.

Each web series which are mentioned above are unique in their own way and audience are attached to them and some of them watch this series on repeat. Not only to the actors but the writers and directors have also got an platform to showcase their way of storytelling.

Youtube has proven to be a wonderful platform for many actors, directors and writers. We are quite sure that these people will become quite popular even in the Telugu Film Industry as well. The actors who have worked in this web series have huge social media fan following as well.

Once we get the details of any other web series, We will definitely get the first news to you. 30 weds 21, 6th episode is yet to come and Surya web series is also gonna start soon. So stay tuned for further updates. This Concludes the topic Top Telugu Web Series On Youtube 2021.

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