Sulthan Movie Review One Time Watchable

Sulthan Movie Review
Sulthan Movie Review

Sulthan Movie Review: Sulthan is yet another commercial action movie which follows the same rules of an typical action movie. The story is quite predictable, But the movie is all about kaarthi. He is completely the show’s stealer in this movie.

Sulthan is an action movie written and directed by Bakkiyaraj Kannan, The Movie is produced by SR Prabhu and SR Prakash Babu under the banner of Dream Warrior Pictures. The lead roles in the movie are played by Kaarthi and Rashmia Mandanna. This is the debut of Rashmika Mandanna in the Kollywood Industry. The other supporting roles in the movie are played by Yogi Babu, Lal, Napoleon, Ramachandra Raju and others. The Music is composed by Vivek-Mervin.  and the BGM is handled by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Now lets get down to the detailed of Sulthan Movie Review

The Movies begins with a flashback in a village, These scenes are shot beautifully and the audience can expect an excellent action movie right from the very beginning itself. The intro scene of Kaarthi as Sulthan is absolutely mass and the title Jai Sulthan is absolutely wonderful. Kaarthi is in a rugged looks and his character design absolutely suits him.

Then we move on to the village, Kaarthi and his father have conflicts between them regarding the leadership of the village, As Kaarthi is the sulthan now, He has take over as the leader of his father’s gang, henchmen and he has to vow to make their lives better and he should also erase the rowdy tag from their names. Then Kaarthi thinks of an another alternative and he wishes them to transform into farmer. But for every good work, There are always problems.

What are the problems faced by Kaarthi? How does he manage to overcome all these problems? That is the remaining plot of the movie. Kaarthi has once again proven to the audience that he is an versatile actor and he can do any type of roles in any movies. He proves that he is one of the best actors in the industry and he handles the character with such a ease that he is an absolute treat to watch him on screen.

There are two different shades in his character and we can easily say that Kaarthi has done wonderful work again with this performance. The lead actress Rashmika Mandanna has done well in her debut movie. Even though she doesn’t get much screen presence in the movie. But whatever she has got, She has given her best. The chemistry between the actors is quite good and Rashmika Mandanna has done good work in her first movie.

The other roles are played by Yogi Babu and Sendrayan who do their own work of making people laugh, But that doesn’t work much in this movie. But the actor Ramachandra Raju who has played the antagonist in this movie has wonderful work in the movies. Just like in his previous KGF, This guy shows that he can act in any type of role.

The Interval bang is absolutely bang on, The director Bakkiyaraj Kannana may look like that he has lost the way in the movie. But no, The writing in the movie is absolutely good. The director brings an interesting concept in the movie. The Henchmen under Kaarthi are shown with a good heart and they want to change. Instead of being ruthless and rather aggressive, These guys have shown that all henchmen are not the same. This is where the director has shown his creativity, He wants the audience to show sympathy to these people.

That is quite an unique concept isn’t it. The screen play could have been better, The scenes lag in the second lag.  The story is very much predictable, But what makes this movie a stand out from other action movies are the emotions in the movie are wonderfully shown by the director.

The Music is quite good in bits and parts, The songs work well. Especially the title song Jai Sulthan is absolutely mass. That is the best song of the movie, The movie is good till the interval bang but the pace of the show falls down in second half. The runtime of 157minutes can make people feel a bit dizzy in the second half.

The actions scenes in the movie are quite excellent, BGM work handled by Yuvan Shankar Raja has done wonderful work to add more spice to the action scenes. They are full of energy and we are quite sure that the audience will definitely love these action scenes. The cinematography can be complimented, The work is handled by Sathyan Sooryan. The editing could have been much better in the second half.

  • Plus points Of the Movie

Kaarthi’s Wonderful and versatile performance as Sulthan.

A unique blend of emotions shown in the movie

The Interval Bang and the title song in the movie are absolutely top notch.

  • Minus Points Of the Movie:

Screenplay could have been better in the second half.

The Runtime could have been decreased a bit.

Predictable Story line up

Final Words:

Overall Sulthan movie is a one time watchable movie in theaters, The Movie could have been way better with such a powerful characterization of the lead actor Kaarthi. The movie could have been made even more crispier and massy for the audience. The unique concept of making the henchmen as the farmers is quite commendable and we have to appreciate the director for that.

With such a story line and excellent characterization, The Movie had more potential to bring mass elements and the story could have been said in a better way. If you love mass movies with some wonderfully choreographed action scenes then this movie is definitely worth to be watched in theatres this weekend.

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