karthi’s Sulthan Failed To Collect Good Amount Of Money

Sulthan is an wonderful action movie directed by Bakkiyaraj kannan and Produced by S.R.Prabhu and S.R.Prakash babu together. The lead roles in this movie are played by Kaarthi, Rashmika Mandanna, Lal, Yogi babu, Nawab Shah, and Hareesh Peradi. The Movie has got wonderful response from the audience and it is running successfully at the box office.

The Movie is an action entertainer and Kaarthi again has given wonderful performance in the movie. The Story’s plot is quite different and we see the goons who are under Kaarthi start working as farmers in their village. The Plot is excellent and the action scenes are shot wonderfully in the movie.

Sulthan Movie Final Box Office Collections

First, The movie was going to release on Disney+Hotstar OTT Platform, But the crew took back the decision and released in theatres on April 2nd 2021. Now after a few weeks of the movie’s release, The Movie will start streaming on the OTT Platform. We have to get the confirmation from the team and we don’t know the release date of the movie on the OTT Platform.

Now let’s see the box office collection of this movie till now

Day WiseIndian Net Collection
Day 1(Friday)Tamil Nadu: Rs 5.05cr, Telugu States: Rs 1.40cr Total 6.45crores
Day 2(Saturday)Ta: Rs 3.9cr, Te: Rs 1.10cr Total 5crores
Day 3(Sunday)Ta: Rs 4.8cr, Te: 1.10cr Total 5.90crores
Day 4(Monday)Ta: Rs 2.70cr, Te: 0.60cr Total 2.70crores
Day 5(Tuesday)Ta: Rs 1.60cr, Te: Rs 0.40cr Total Rs 2crores
Day 6(Wednesday)Ta: Rs 1.89cr, Te: Rs 0.31cr Total Rs 2.20crores
Day 7(Thursday)Ta: Rs 1.70cr, Te Rs:0.25cr Total Rs 1.95crores
Week 1 CollectionTa: Rs 21.40cr, Rs Te: 5.16cr Total Rs 26.20crores
Day 8(Friday)Ta: Rs 0.66cr, Te: Rs 0.02cr Total Rs 0.68crores
Day 9(Saturday)Ta: Rs 0.57cr, Te: Rs 0.04cr Total Rs 0.61crores
Day 10(Sunday)Ta Rs: 0.65cr, Te: Rs 0.03cr Total Rs 0.68crores
Day 11(Monday)Ta: Rs 0.25cr
Day 12(Tuesday)Ta: Rs 0.25cr
Day 13(Wednesday)Ta: Rs 0.13cr
Day 14(Thursday)Ta: Rs 0.11cr
Week 2 CollectionTa: Rs 2.62cr, Te: Rs 0.09cr Total Rs 2.71crores
Day 15(Friday)Ta: Rs 0.09cr
Day 16(Saturday)Ta: Rs 0.10cr
Total CollectionTa: Rs 23.85cr, Te: Rs 5.25cr Total Rs 29.10crores
Collections Till Now

As you can see the movie has been performing wonderfully at the box office both in Telugu States and Tamil Nadu as well. The movie has got blockbuster talk from the audience and critics and we are quite sure that the movie will collect more. Now let’s see the Telugu states area wise collection of this movie.

Sulthan Movie Box Office Collection in Telugu States area wise:

Day 1Rs 0.4crRs 0.15crRs 0.07crRs 0.07crRs 0.04crRs 0.06crRs 0.08crRs 0.13crRs 1cr
Day 2Rs 0.3crRs 0.13crRs 0.06crRs 0.06crRs 0.03crRs 0.04crRs 0.07crRs 0.11crRs 0.8cr
Day 3Rs 0.3crRs 0.13crRs 0.06crRs 0.06crRs 0.03crRs 0.04crRs 0.07crRs 0.11crRs 0.8cr
Day 4Rs 0.14crRs 006crRs 0.04crRs 0.04crRs 0.02crRs 0.03crRs 0.04crRs 0.05crRs 0.42cr
Day 5Rs 0.1crRs 0.04crRs 0.03crRs 0.03crRs 0.02crRs 0.02crRs 0.03crRs 0.03crRs 0.3cr
Day 6Rs 0.08crRs 0.03crRs 0.02crRs 0.02crRs 0.01crRs 0.01crRs 0.02crRs 0.03crRs 0.22cr
Day 7Rs 0.07crRs 0.03crRs 0.01crRs 0.01crRs 0.01crRs 0.01crRs 0.01crRs 0.03crRs 0.18cr
TotalRs 1.39crRs 0.57crRs 0.29crRs 0.029crRs 0.16crRs 0.21crRs 0.32crRs 0.49crRs 3.72cr

The Movie ran in telugu states for only one week and collected a total of 3.72crore Rupees. The highest collection is recorded in Nizam that is 1.39crore Rupees and the lowest is recorded in Nellore that is 0.16crore Rupees.

Worldwide Collection and Overseas Collection

Total WorldWide Collection for 16days: Rs 36.50crores, and the overseas of the movie is around Rs 2.50crores. The occupancy of the movie has been wonderful mostly people preferred evening shows and night shows.

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OTT Rights

Sulthan Movie was supposed to release on Hotstar first, But as the theatres were open with full occupancy. The movie’s crew has decided that the movie will be releasing in theatres and it has got wonderful response from the audience and critics. Now as the movie has been released and performed wonderfully at the box office. The Movie will be releasing soon on the OTT platform.

The Tamil language rights are brought by Hotstar, Telugu rights by Aha App and Hindi Rights by GoldMine Films. Most probably the streaming date will be same which is on May 2021. We still don’t have the official release date of the movie on the OTT platforms. We will get back to you with more updates regarding that.

Satellite Rights

Sulthan Movie Satellite Rights are brought by Star Maa for Telugu Version and Star Network for Tamil and Hindi Version. As per the reports, Sulthan Movie’s Satellite Rights and Digital Rights are sold for 40crore Rupees together. This also Hindi Dubbing as well. The Telecasting date will be announced before a week of the telecasting date.

Pre Release Business

Kaarthi is a superstar in Tamil Nadu but he has huge fan following in Telugu Industry as well. That is why the movie has performed wonderfully at the box office. These are the pre release business details of the movie

  • Hindi Dubbing Rights: Rs 8 crores
  • Tamil Satellite and Digital Rights: Rs 18 crores
  • Audio Rights Of the Movie: Rs 50 Lakhs
  • Overseas Rights: Rs 1.5crore
  • Telugu rights, Satellite, Digital and Overseas combined: Rs 16 crores
  • Kerala: Rs 1 crore
  • Karnataka: Rs 1.5crore          
  • TN Rights: Rs 18 crores
  • Budget Of the Movie: Rs 40 crores
  • Profit: Approximately 27 crore Rupees.

So these are all the details of the Tamil Nadu and Telugu States, Area wise collections, Worldwide Collections, Overseas Collection, Pre Release Business, Satellite Rights and Digital rights of the movie are available. We will get back to you with more details about the area wise collections and occupancy. The Movie will soon stream on Disney+Hotstar OTT Platform and on Aha App as well. We have to wait for the official confirmation from the team.

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