Sashi Movie Review : Definitely A Comeback Movie For Aadi

Sashi Movie Review
Sashi Movie Review 2021

Sashi Movie Review : Sashi Movie has got the attention of the audience with its crisp storytelling and wonderful performance from the lead actors. This is definitely a comeback movie for Aadi Sai Kumar.

Movie Name: Sashi
Director: Srinivas Naidu Nadikatla
Producer by: RP Varma, Ramanjaneyulu, and Chinatalapudi Srinivas
Lead Actors: Aadi Sai Kumar, Surbhi, Rajiv Kanakala, Ajay and Jayaprakash.
Release Date: 19th Of March 2021.

Sashi Movie Review
Sashi Movie Review 2021

Sashi Movie Review 2021 | Aadi’s Best Performer In This Year

Aadi Sai Kumar has finally got a hit at the box office with the movie Sashi. The chemistry between Aadi and Surbhi is wonderful. The movie is included with many action sequences, wonderful songs and the visuals are wonderful. Even the songs of the movie are wonderful and they have chartbusters online since they have been released.

The Movie is written and directed by Srinivas Naidu and the cinematography work is done by Amarnathi Bommireddy and the editing of the movie is also crisp and clear which is done by Satya G. Even though the movie is clashing with other two movies which are Mosagallu, Chaavu Kaburu Challaga.

But the premiere show reviews say that the Sashi is an excellent movie with wonderful climax and it is definitely in the race of a hit. Nobody expected this movie to make a huge impact like this and Twitterati reviews say that the movie definitely came out of syllabus in the race amongst the three movies.

aadis new movie sashi review
aadi’s new movie sashi review

Plus Points

Aadi Sai Kumar is the catcher of the eyes in the movie, He has done wonderful work in the work. He has improved a lot as well in his performance as well, His role had lot of variations and even Heroine Surabhi was wonderful as well, She has proved to the audience she isn’t just an pretty face actress but also she can give some performances as well.

Another Heroine Rassi Singh justified her role, She was good in all the terms. The movie was pulled forward by the comedians Harsha and Vennela Kishore who made their roles funny and hilarious. Rajeev Kanakala and his character is a treat to watch, He has been wonderful especially in emotional scenes.

Minus Points

The Story of the movie is good but the narration felt like it was bit dragged in the second half till climax. This can create dull effects for the audience, The slow pace of the movie always bores the audience a lot. The lead roles characters could have been written more strongly, Many scenes in the second half felt a bit forced. Every other technical aspect like music, BGM, Songs, Camera work and others are good. But it is due to the lack of narration the movie felt bit a dragged in the second half.

Final Words

On the whole, Sashi is a decent movie. But the narration isn’t that good enough. The first half is excellent but in the second half the story becomes dull and forced. The lead actors and supporting actors especially Rajeev Kanakala gave their 100% in the movie. If you want to watch a feel good movie this weekend then Sashi is the choice for you. This is the sashi movie review, I hope you like it.

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