Prema Entha Madhuram Serial Cast Details 2021

Prema Entha Madhuram is an Telugu Serial which airs on Zee Telugu Channel from Monday to Saturday at 9PM. You can also watch this serial on Zee 5 App by taking subscription to this OTT Platform. The Serial is produced by South Indian Screens and the first episode of this serial was aired on 10th February 2020.

With a total of 346 episodes till now, The Serial has occupied the top ranks in the TRP Ratings provided by BARC. The Maxium running time of this serial is 20-24minutes and the serial is one of the best serials in Zee Telugu Channel. Prema Entha Madhuram Serial Cast And Crew Details

Prema Entha Madhuram Plot

Prema Entha Madhuram is an unique type of show which show cases the romance drama perfectly. Right from the title song to the costume designs of the lead actors and the characterization is so good that the audience just stick to their televisions while watching the serial.

This is the story of an middle aged man named Arya Vardhan who is an successful businessman and runs a huge office. Even though he is successful in his business and his life Arya Vardhan feels lonely and he becomes old day by day. Then Anu or Anuradha a young woman with great sense of humor and an aspiration to make it big in her life joins the company of Arya Vardhan.

Anu is very hardworking, Sincere and takes her work very seriously. On the other hand her family wants her to get married to a good boy. But Arya and Anu being in work together for a long time develop feelings for each other and they both fall in love with each other.

But they confess their love to each other for sometime. After a lot of discussions and going through lots of hurdles Arya Vardhan decides to propose Anu and she agrees to marry him. But there is a past story included in Arya Vardhan’s life. He keeps it a secret, Anu and Arya keep their relationship secret to avoid any conflicts

Anu’s family is looking for matches and Anu’s father Subbu is against improper marriages like age differences. Now how will the couple fight this out together. How will they convince both their families to get married. This show is all about that journey and the unique love story between Arya and Anu. This shows motto is love doesn’t have any age limits. It can happen to anyone.

Prema Entha Madhuram Serial Cast

1.Venkat Sriram as Arya Vardhan. He is an dedicated and successful business man. He is very down to earth and takes care of his family. But he always feels lonely even he is rich and successful.

When he falls in love with Anu, Everything seems so good to him that he starts taking care of her. Arya Vardhan may look soft on the outside, but when there is a trouble surrounding his family. He doesn’t back out at all.

2. Varsha HK as Anuradha. Anurardha is an open minded and fun individual. She is completely opposite to Arya Vardhan. She knows how to find the happiness even in the smallest of the smallest works. She is very sincere, hard working and she wants to big in her life.

Her father wants to get her married to a good boy but she falls in love with Arya Vardhan. Now the trouble is how will she convince her parents to get married to him.

3. Jabardasth Varsha as Mansi. Mansi is the wife of Aryavardhan’s brother. She is one unique character in the serial and she speaks her mind without any hint of fear. She is the most modest in the Vardhan House and she loves shopping and enjoying the royalties of her family.

4. Ram Jagan as Keshav Jende. He is Arya Vardhan’s best friend, Bodyguard and business partner as well. He is more of a practical man and always helps Arya Vardhan in times of trouble.

Let’s know about the lead actors in detail

Venkat Sriram

Venkat Sriram is an talented serial actor. He was born on 19th June 1976. He is from Amalapuram and he completed his B.SC. He can speak Telugu, Hindi, English and Tamil. After completing his graduation he shifted to Hyderabad and started working in serials.

His first serial was aired on DD-8, He came into fame after the serial Vidhi and Bommarillu Movie. His hobbies are playing cricket and listening to music.

Varsha HK

Varsha HK is the youngest person on the sets of Prema Entha Madhuram. She came into the limelight with the Kashuri Nivasa and Nagamandala both are Kannada Serials.

Initially she had troubles in speaking telugu language but slowly she started to learn the language and asked everyone on the sets to speak to her in telugu. She also said that every member on the set are very friendly to her.

Prema Entha Madhuram Ratings

Name Of the SerialTV ChannelTRP by BARCMonth
Prema Entha MadhuramZee TV6.95January 2021
Prema Entha MadhuramZee TV7.00February 2021
Prema Entha MadhuramZee TV7.16March 2021
Prema Entha MadhuramZee TV7.68April 2021
Prema Entha MadhuramZee TV7.96May 2021
Prema Entha Madhuram Ratings

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These are the details of the ratings provided by BARC. These ratings ae from he past five weeks of the serial. As you can see the ratings are closer to 7 or above 7. That’s how much the serial has been loved by the audience.

The TV serial has attracted the audience very much, Especially the serial has shown the emotions quite wonderfully. We are sure that this serial will continue to entertain the audience for many years to come.

Prema Entha Madhuram Official Youtube Channel

Most of the time the serials which are telecasted on Zee Telugu Channel usually come on Zee 5 App. If you have a subscription plan then you can watch the serial even before the serial telecasts on the television. If you don’t have a subscription plan then you can watch the serial for free after the serial is telecasted on the television.

If you are looking for a Youtube Channel then you watch the serial on Youtube platform but just audio and pictures will come. But this considered as piracy, So it isn’t recommended to watch the serial on Youtube.

Prema Entha Madhuram Serial Cast And Story

Prema Entha Madhuram has been on top of the BARC ratings every week right from the very beginning week itself. Just by this we can say that the serial is getting huge attention from the audience. Every character in the serial is so wonderfully written and the actors have performed their roles absolutely to the perfection.

Because of the wonderful emotional values and extra ordinary performance and unique storytelling. The serial has got wonderful response from the audience. Especially the lead actors Venkat Sriram and Varsha HK are the show stealers excellently supported by the supporting cast.

Anu’s life as a middle class girl with big dreams and the family bonding she shares with her family is wonderfully shown. Even the serial shows why middle class people are afraid to dream big.Prema Entha Madhuram is a bag of emotions and we hope that this serial continues to entertain the audience with its wonderful content.

So these are all the details of the popular serial Prema Entha Madhuram Serial Cast And crew details, ratings, review and other details of the serial. We will get back to you with more updates regarding this serial’s info.

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