Mosagallu Movie Review : Definitely A Come back For Manchu Vishu

A Great Attempt by Manchu Vishnu and the director. The Movie is quite good for a one time watch.

  • Movie Name: Mosagallu(2021)
  • Directed By: Jeffrey Gee Chin
  • Produced By: Manchu Vishnu
  • Lead Actors: Manchu Vishnu, Kajal Aggarwal, Suniel Shetty, Naveen Chandra, and Navdeep.
  • Release Date: 19th Of March 2021.

Plot Of the Movie

Manchu Vishnu is already an established actor and he has given wonderful hits at the box office. Its been a while since he has seen success at the box office, Now he has come with an action thriller movie Mosagallu.

In this movie we are going to see Manchu Vishnu and Kajal Aggarwal as brother and sister. They have a terrible childhood, They grow up together and that past impacts them always.

Vishnu starts working at a call centre, But they want to earn some quick money. So they decide to do a scam of tax payment agency. They call people and ask them to pay the pending taxes. Bollywood Actor Suniel Shetty has done some wonderful work as well as a strong cop who is against these scammers.

The remaining story revolves around How will Vishnu and his team complete the scam? Will the cop catch the scammers? Or will they escape the cop?

Actors Performance

Coming to the performances, Vishnu and Kajal Aggarwal has done wonderful work, They are the main attraction of the movie. Suniel Shetty did wonderful performance, We might see him in many more movies in Telugu language. The Supporting cast Naveen Chandra, Navdeep, Viva Harsha have justified their roles. The director’s direction is a bit bland in the middle but the interval and pre-climax are on high note.

The Biggest plus point of the movie are the performances of the actors, Excellent thrilling screenplay and wonderful climax. Even the music and BGM is wonderful.

Plus Points

Vishnu has suited quite wonderfully for the role and he gave a wonderful performance. Kajal who played the role of Vishnu’s eldr sister has a good role in the movie. Kajal has absolutely nailed her performance in the movie. Even Navdeep has done well with his role in the movie, Naveen Chandra has been wonderful in the movie like an aggressive drug addict.

As you know the movie is based on true incidents and it is inspired by 2,600Crores Mumbai Call centre scandal that shook the USA a few years ago. The Setup is quite good and interesting and it is a unique movie to watch for the telugu audience.

Minus Points

Most of the movie isn’t based on the true incidents, The crew took so many cinematic liberties in the movie and left some logics behind in the movie. The way the film ends on a very happy note leaves the audience a bit disappointed because when you are watching an thriller movie everybody expects an cliff hanger in the end.

Even though Suniel Shetty did a wonderful work in the movie, He could have been used more. As mentioned above, The Film is based on the true incidents but the execution is literally poor. This is a great story, But when it comes to narration it absolutely falls down completely.

The editing and screenplay could have been better and it isn’t convincing that the crew didn’t put enough efforts for such a good story. There are some facts missing as well, Like Hyderabad Youngsters pulling off a scam by duping Americans with their Indian English Accent. That is where the reality is missing, and as we have mentioned above too many of liberties are taken and logics are missing from the movie.

The Casting is good and huge but apart from Vishnu, Kajal and Suniel Shetty. No other character in the movie has impact in the story. Their narrative is very dull, and the Investigation scenes done by Federal Trade in USA is very limited. Apart from making calls and using the computer, The Federal trade doesn’t do anything in the movie.

Even the top agencies like FBI and IRS look like puppies in this investigation process. When there is an heist happening, The challenging aspects are missing from the movie. Everything is quite easy for the ones who are making the plans. If the challenges are shown then it could have more thrilling elements into the movie.

Technical Aspects

Mosagallu is based on the true events but the screenplay and editing could have been better. The explanation of the heist could have explained in an better way. The good aspect of the movie is the Cinematography, It is handled by Hollywood DP. He did fantastic work in showing the locations and other important scenes wonderfully in the movie.

The BGM work handled by Sam CS elevates some scenes in the movie. The Movie is quite good at the end, Then only the movie has successfully got the attention of the audience. The Production values and designs are absolutely rich. Right from the costume designs and taking everything is showed in a grander way.

The Digital Rights Of this movie are brought by Amazon Prime Video and the movie will soon be streamed on the OTT platform. We don’t have the official streaming date, and the Satellite Rights of the movie aren’t mentioned as well. We may get the information from the crew very soon.

Rating Of the Movie

Mosagallu could have been better if the narration and the screenplay handled good. Our Rating for the movie is 2.5/5. Apart from the performances from the lead actors, and excellent story. There is no other aspect in the movie which could have brought more thrilling and grace elements into the lineup.

If the challenging elements and thrilling elements handled well in the movie then the story would have been different all together.

Final Words

Mosagallu offers some thrills and chills in the movie, However there are only a few disappointments in the movie. If you watch the movie without any higher expectations then this would be a treat for you this weekend definitely.

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