Maa TV Top Serials 2021

Serials have become a part of the household now, Right from the afternoon times to night sleeping times. The serials telecast continuously on the popular TV Channels, MAA TV Top serials are here Most of the audience especially the house wives watch these TV serials. The Craze of the serials are so immense that the people share emotional bond with the characters even though they are fictional.

The Introduction of OTT platforms and the advantage of watching serials at any you want in the platform has made the work even more easier. Apart from the present day telecasting episode, You can watch all the episodes of your favorite TV show absolutely for free on the OTT Platforms. Now let’s see what are the Top TV serials of the MAA TV.

Here is the list of TOP MAA TV Serials and the timings they telecast on the channel.

MAA TV Top serials

Serial NameTime of the telecast
Karthika DeepamMonday to Saturday at 7:30PM
Intinti GruhalakshmiMonday to Saturday at 8:00PM
DevathaMonday to Saturday at 8:30PM
Janaki Kala ganaledhuMonday to Saturday at 9:00PM
Gupedantha ManasuMonday to Saturday at 7:00PM
Maa TV Top Serials
MAA TV Top serials
MAA TV Top serials

As you can see these are the MAA TV Top serials, As usual Karthik Deepam is the top most serial and many people absolutely love this show. Deepa and Karthik also known as Vantal Akka and Doctor babu have kept the audience on a cliffhanger now. This serial has become quite popular and whenever the clock strikes 7:30PM. Everybody just leave their work and watch this serial that’s how special this show is.

Next stuff Intinti Gruhalakshmi is the story about a housewife and the problems she faces in and out of her family. The serial has attracted many people especially the housewives because they can relate to most of the problems which are shown in the serial.

Next serial is Devatha and it is the story about two girls and a boy who are involved in a triangular love story. Both the sisters love the same guy, What are the consequences and the problems they have to face about this problem? How will the sisters manage this relationship? Who will sacrifice their love for the other? That is what the serial is running about now.

The new serial Janaki Kala Ganaledhu has reached the top 5 list very early. The story is about a girl who dreams to become a police officer but she gets married to a man who doesn’t have any education and their family is against this. So how does the husband help his wife to achieve the dream of becoming a police officer.

Last but not least Gupedantha Manasu has become one of the popular serials in the recent times, and the story is really wonderful. This serial also mentions about the dreams, hardwork and other important aspects of the life wonderfully.

karthika deepam serial telugu review
karthika deepam serial telugu

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As you can see these serials are lined up continuously that is why these serials have reached the top 5 in the list. So these are the top serials which telecast on MAA TV. Each serial is quite different and unique in their own way and they provide wonderful entertainment to the audience and the audience share emotional bon with the characters involved in this serials.

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