Jathi‌ ‌Ratnalu‌ ‌Box‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Collection Till Now 2021‌

jathi ratnalu box office collection 2021
jathi ratnalu box office collection 2021

Jathi‌ ‌Ratnalu‌ ‌Box‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Collection : Ever Since the movie Jathi Ratnalu has been released in theatres, It has created sensation at the box office. It received wonderful response from the audience and critics as well.

Not only at the box office, But the post-business of the movie is also good. The movie rights have been bagged by Amazon Prime Video for a whooping price and it is releasing on the OTT Platform on 10th April 2021. 

The Movie is directed by KV Anudeep and produced by Nag Ashwin under the banner of Swapna Cinemas. The lead roles in the movie are played by Navin Polishetty, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrisha and Faria Abdullah.

Jathi‌ ‌Ratnalu‌ ‌Box‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Collection.‌ ‌
Jathi‌ ‌Ratnalu‌ ‌Box‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Collection.‌ ‌

Jathi‌ ‌Ratnalu‌ ‌Box‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Collection 2021 : Day Wise & Area Wise Updates Daily

So here are the day wise and area wise Box Office Collection of the Blockbuster movie Jathi Ratnalu.

DayNizamCededGunturKrishnaNelloreWestEastUA Total
Day 1Rs 1.4crRs 0.6crRs 0.23crRs 0.25crRs 0.2crRs 0.26crRs 0.32crRs 0.45crRs 3.71cr
Day 2Rs 1.2crRs 0.3crRs 0.22crRs 0.21crRs 0.13crRs 0.22crRs 0.23crRs 0.35crRs 2.86cr
Day 3Rs 1/9crRs 0.52crRs 0.33crRs 0.3crRs 0.13crRs 0.24crRs 0.26crRs 0.63crRs 4.31cr
Day 4Rs 2.6crRs 0.7crRs 0.36crRs 0.32crRs 0.15crRs 0.24crRs 0.27crRs 0.7crRs 5.34cr
Day 5Rs 1.4crRs 0.29crRs 0.15crRs 0.13crRs 0.06crRs 0.1crRs 0.16cr Rs 0.37crRs 2.66cr
Day 6Rs 1.2crRs 0.22crRs 0.1crRs 0.09crRs 0.04crRs 0.07crRs 0.1crRs 0.23crRs 2.05cr
Day 7Rs 1.1crRs 0.2crRs 0.09crRs 0.07crRs 0.03crRs 0.05crRs 0.07crRs 0.17crRs 1.78cr
Day 8Rs 0.8crRs 0.17crRs 0.07crRs 0.05crRs 0.03crRs 0.04crRs 0.05crRs 0.15crRs 1.36cr
Week 1 ShareRs 11.6crRs 3crRs 1.55crRs 1.42crRs 0.77crRs 1.22crRs 1.46crRs 3.05crRs 24.07cr
Day 9Rs 0.7crRs 0.12crRs 0.04crRs 0.04crRs 0.02crRs 0.03crRs 0.04crRs 0.1crRs 1.09cr
Day 10Rs 1crRs 0.2crRs 0.07crRs 0.07crRs 0.04crRs 0.04crRs 0.08crRs 0.16crRs 1.66cr
Day 11Rs 1.1crRs 0.35crRs 0.1crRs 0.11cr Rs 0.05crRs 0.06crRs 0.1crRs 0.2crRs 2.07cr
TotalRs 14.4crRs 3.67crRs 1.76crRs 1.64crRs 0.88crRs 1.35crRs 1.68crRs 2.51crRs 28.89cr

These are the Jathi‌ ‌Ratnalu‌ ‌Box‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Collection till Now.

Day 12 collections which was yesterday, We don’t have area wise collections yet. But it is estimated that the movie has approximately 1cr in total yesterday. Even at the overseas the movie is performing really well.

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