Jabardasth Remuneration Per Show 2021

Jabardasth Remuneration : As we all know Jabardasth is quite a popular comedy show and it is one of the highest TRP Rating programs in the television industry. The Show airs on ETV on Thursday and Friday at 9:30PM. IN the beginning, Naga babu and Roja were the judges but after so many years, Naga Babu left Jabardasth and went to another channel as a judge as well.

In this program, There are six to seven teams which consists of team leaders and contestants. They perform comedy skits, message oriented skits as well. Then the judges give them points based on the performance of the contestants and how funny the skit was.

The team with highest points will get the price money and they will also get the chance to pose for the poster of the week. Jabadasth has been in top from many years, Because of wonderful team leaders and extra ordinary skits. But now the ratings of this show have drastically fell down because of the lack of new skits and there are no excellent contestants like the old ones.

Jabardasth Remuneration & Show Popularity

Even though they are trying their best to make it work, But the ratings have fell down drastically and the people have lost interest in the show. Ever since Nagababu left the show, Mano took the place of him. Along with Nagababu, Many other contestants like Chamak Chandra, Avinash, Shankar and many others have left the show as well. They are working in other channel comedy programs now.

We don’t know what’s the problem? Why they have left the show? It may be because of the remuneration problem or something else. We hope the show gets back to its fame once again. So today we are going to talk about the remuneration for the crew working in Jabardash show.

Here we are providing a list of the crew and their remuneration as well.

AnasuyaRs 4Lakhs
RashmiRs 3Lakhs
RojaRs 20Lakhs
ManoRs 16Lakhs
SudheerRs 4Lakhs
Hyper AadiRs 3Lakhs
SrinuRs 2.5-3Lakhs
AbhiRs 2.5-3 Lakhs
Ram PrasadRs 1-1.8Lakhs
SunnyRs 1-1.8Lakhs
SudhakarRs 1-1.8Lakhs
AppaRaoRs 1-1.8Lakhs
Remaining OthersRs 1-.18Lakhs
Jabardasth Remuneration 2021

This is the remuneration, The Jabardasth show has hired some other new contestants. We didn’t get their remuneration list yet. Apart from this remuneration, The Team who get the most number of points in each episode win cash price as well.

So these are all the details of Jabardasth Comedy Show and the crew’s remuneration details. The show is produced by Mallemalla Productions. We will get back to you with more updates of the new contestants remuneration and other details as soon as possible. Now you got idea about Jabardasth Remuneration per show in 2021.

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