Highest Instagram Followers In Tollywood 2021

Highest instagram followers in tollywood : Social Media has become quite proficient and an easy to interact with the fellow people. Even the celebrities and many other famous personalities have also joined this social media platform to interact with the users and know the latest news.

These personalities get blue tick next to their profile which shows that it is their official account. Actors either interact with the users and update their profiles regarding their work and other info.

Highest Instagram Followers In Tollywood With Huge Fan Base 2021

Even Tollywood Actors have huge social media following for their profiles. Here are the top actors who have highest instagram followers.

Vijay Deverakonda

Yes, Vijay Deverakonda has got the top spot in the most followers on Instagram. With 11.1Million Followers on his profile, It is quite evident that this guy has got lot of fan following amongst the youth. Vijay Devarakonda has been growing in ranks in terms of his acting skills and movie selection as well. Most of the time, Vijay posts about the food and his movies, and his dog storm devarakonda which is a Siberian husky.

Check Insta Account : thedeverakonda

Allu Arjun

The Stylish Star Allu Arjun has got the second place in most number of followers on Instagram. With 10.7Million Followers, Allu Arjun has got quite some fame in the social media as well. He has a huge fan base in the southern states, Now he is PAN India movie Pushpa will increase the fan base even more.

Check Insta Account : alluarjunonline

Mahesh Babu

The Ever Charming Mahesh Babu has got 6.6Million Followers on his Insta handle. Mahesh Babu is very active on his profile, and he interacts with his followers very much on live sessions, Ask me a question and others. He regularly posts about his movies and supports young talent on the social media as well. His next movies are Sarkaaru Vaari patta.

Check Insta Account : urstrulymahesh


Prabhas, The PAN India Star has got 6.3Million Followers on Instagram. Prabhas joined the Instagram very recently and he has got so much following in such a short span, Even though he isn’t much active on his profile, But whenever he has to promote regarding his movies and support young talent and other important details are mentioned on his social media. We all know how much busy actor he is, Prabhas upcoming movies are Adi Purush, Saalar and Radha Krishna.

Check Insta Account : actorprabhas

Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati is yet another PAN India star, and he is known for his versatility and choice of his scripts. He has got 4.4Million Followers on his Instagram handle and Rana is very active on his handle. He reads memes, and promotes his movies on the handle, His interactions are quite limited because he is always busy in his movies. But regularly posts about his movies and other important content on his social media handles regularly. He is a multi talented guy and he is known for his excellent hosting skills as well.

Check Insta Account : ranadaggubati

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