Allu Arjun Vs Jr NTR Hits and Flops

Allu Arjun Vs Jr NTR Movies Hits and Flops : As we all know All Arjun and Jr. NTR are one of the finest actors of the tollywood industries. Their fan following is very huge and they are loved by their fans. If their movie is releasing in theaters, It is like a festival to them. There are some common points between Tarak and Allu Arjun. Both are wonderful and excellent dancers.

Nobody can match for their grace and style while dancing. The second thing is, Both of them are versatile and do different types of roles every time. Their roles are never repeated again. Both of them had ups and downs in their career, and they came with the a blockbuster movie again. Tarak’s last movie was with Trivikram that is Aarvindha Sametha Veera Raghava and Allu Arjun’s Last movie was also with Trivikram that is Alla Vaikuntapooramulo.

Their career graph has been quite similar as well. Their debut movies are blockbusters as well. So here are we comparing the Box Office Verdict of both the talented actors of our Tollywood Industry Allu Arjun and Jr. NTR.

Allu Arjun Vs Jr NTR Movies Hits and Flops

Allu Arjun Vs Jr NTR Movies Hits and Flops Movie Lists

Allu Arjun MoviesBox VerdictJr. NTR MoviesBox Office Verdict
GangotriHitNinnu ChoodalaniAverage
AryaBlockbusterStudent No 1Super Hit
BunnySuper HitSubbuAverage
HappyAverageAadiSuper Hit
DesamuduruBlockbusterAllari RamuduAverage
ParuguSuper HitNaagaFlop
Arya 2HitSimhadriBlockbuster
BadrinathFlopNaa AlluduFlop
Race GurramBlockbusterRakhiHit
S/o SatyamurthyAverageYamadongaBlockbuster
SarrainoduSuper HitKantriSemi-Hit
DJ- Duvvada JagannadhamAverageAdhursHit
Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu IndiaHitBrindavanamSuper Hit
Ala vaikunatapuramulooBlockbusterShaktiFlop
  Ramayya VasthavayaFlop
  TemperSuper Hit
  Nannaku PremathoSuper Hit
  Janatha GarageBlockbuster
  Jai Lava KusaSuper Hit
  Aravindha Sametha Veera RaghavaSuper Hit

As you can see Allu Arjun has done 19 movies in the lead roles, While Tarak has done 28 Movies in the lead roles.

Allu Arjun has delivered 4 blockbuster, 7 Super Hits and Hits, 6 Average Movies, 2 Flops in his career.

Jr. NTR has delivered 3 bockbusters, 8 Super Hits , 10 Average movies and 7 Flops in his career.

Now Allu Arjun’s upcoming movie is Pushpa directed by Sukumar, The Movie is releasing in theatres this August.

Jr. NTR’s Upcoming Movie is RRR(Roudram Ranam Rudhiram) directed by S.S.Rajamouli and his next movie is #NTR30 with Trivikram. Even Tarak is a host and will be seen in Evaru Meelo Koteswarudu.

Even though, This might look like an career comparison between the two actors. It is absolutely not, Both of the actors are wonderfully talented. Soon they are going to release PAN India movies. Their fan following will increase more and more. But the best part is they are a part of this big Tollywood Movie Industry. Both of their families have generations of actors who have worked in the movies. These wonderful actors are just carrying the legacy of their family.

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