Upcoming Telugu Movies In Aha 2021

AHA Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 : Aha App has been growing in terms of releasing new movies, From the beginning itself Aha has got the audience attraction. Aha App was launched by Allu Arvind and from that day on many movies, Talk shows like Sam Jam, No 1 Yaari with Rana, Movies like Color Photo, Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma, Orey Bujjiga, and many others have released on this platform. Now this OTT Platform are giving tough fight to the top OTT Platforms as well. Here are the upcoming movies releasing on Aha App.

AHA Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 List With Release Date

Movie NameRelease DateGenre Of the Movie
Athade SrimannarayanFebruary 26th, 2021Action cum Adventure
Luca Alias JhonnyMarch 5th, 2021Action and Adventure
NaandhiMarch 12th, 2021Thriller Movie
Kshana KshanamMarch 19th, 2021Drama Movie
Gaali SampathMarch 19th, 2021Drama Movie
ArdhashatabdhamMarch 26th, 2021Drama Movie
Zombie ReddyMarch 26th, 2021Horror, Thriller, Comedy Movie
11th HourComing SoonThriller Movie
30 Rojullo Preminchadam ellaComing SoonRomantic Movie
Love StoryComing SoonRomantic Movie
aha upcoming telugu movies

So these are all the aha upcoming telugu movies in 2021. There are so many movies releasing this year, We have to wait and watch which movies does Aha App buy rights for. As mentioned above, Aha has got the audience attention with its wonderful content we are quite sure that Aha will get more wonderful content to their audience.

Aha is an excellent digital platform and the subscription plans are also budget friendly. Here are the subscription plans, For one month it costs 149Rupees/Month, and the annual costs 365Rupees/year. It means that everyday with just 1 rupee you can watch a new movie, web series for whole year. As we said, the subscription plans are quite affordable. With this you can watch the latest movies, Aha Original Movies, Series. Right now Aha is giving some tough competition to top OTT Platforms.

Even though the movie watching on OTT Platforms have increased rapidly from the last year. But some people are still using Illegal ways for downloading movies from Piracy websites and because of this many producers and distributors are losing their investments. So please support the genuine OTT Platforms which are trying to bring you entertainment at a very friendly budget. Don’t Support Piracy.

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